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August 2016


  Join Saf-T-Gard for the E-Hazard Arc Flash Low AND High Voltage Qualified Electrical Safety Training Classes  

Are you familiar with the OSHA and NFPA 70E 2015 electrical safety regulations and guidelines? Do you know what electrical tasks may only be performed by a HV Qualified person?

Sign up for both the Low Voltage Qualified (LV) AND the High Voltage Qualified (HV) Electrical Safety Training Classes sponsored by the electrical safety experts e-Hazard and Voltgard® (a division of Saf-T-Gard International, Inc.) on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. - Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. CDT at the Courtyard by Marriott – Chicago Deerfield 800 Lake Cook Road Deerfield, IL 60015 to learn all of this and more, including common places for electrical arc flash, electrically-safe work habits, regulations related to being HV Qualified and working safely and how to work on or around 1 to 69kV industrial high voltage distribution systems.

Afterwards, take a tour of the Saf-T-Gard Voltgard Test Lab, the largest, independent, NAIL4PET-accredited test lab for rubber insulating products in the United States!

The cost to attend the one-day seminar for Low Voltage Qualified (LV) Electrical Safety Training is $400 per person.* The cost to attend the two-day seminar for High Voltage Qualified (HV) Electrical Safety Training is $800 per person* and includes the pre-requisite Low Voltage Qualified (LV) course.**

*If registering 5 or more individuals from the same company, a $50 / person discount applies. For companies sending 5 or more attendees to both training days, a discount of $100 / person applies. Please contact e-Hazard at or (502) 716-7073.

**If you have already attended the Low Voltage Qualified (LV) course in the past, tuition for the High Voltage Qualified (HV) Training is $400 per person and includes one day of training on Wednesday only.

  Save As Much As 52% on Select Items Now During Our Saf-T-Gard Savings Spectacular

The warmer weather has arrived, and so have the amazing deals at Saf-T-Gard! Breathe new life into your safety program now, and save some serious green when you take advantage of our special, limited-time pricing on a wide range of safety items. From UV-blocking safety glasses, sunscreen, bug spray, sweatbands, reflective vests and rehydration drinks, to gloves, earplugs, disposable respirators, ergonomic supports, first aid kits and safety cutters – Saf-T-Gard has you covered with best-priced head-to-toe personal protective equipment now and in the months ahead.


Call customer service at 1-800-548-GARD (4273) or visit today to learn how you can save as much as 52% on promotional safety items when you place an order.

Click here to view the entire flyer. Offer good while supplies last! Promotion ends September 5, 2016.


Get A Good Buy on Sqwincher Products from Saf-T-Gard and Say Good-Bye to Heat Stress at Work


Help put workplace heat stress to rest with a FREE Sqwincher Cooler from Saf-T-Gard when you purchase a minimum of 4 cases of Sqwincher Lite 3 Gallon Powder Packs, or get 2 FREE 20 oz. SQUEEZE BOTTLES with a minimum purchase of 2 cases of Sqwincher Lite 20 oz. Powder Stick Packs at reduced pricing now through September 30, 2016.

Specifically designed for industry, Sqwincher is an economical, effective method to reducing the rate of heat-stress-induced injuries while improving performance and productivity. Scientifically-formulated, Sqwincher electrolyte replacement drinks restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress and are absorbed into the body significantly faster than water alone. Muscle preservation, isotonic composition, taste and electrolytes are the four reasons why Sqwincher is the best line of activity drinks available. Moreover, Sqwincher contains twice as much potassium and half the sodium compared to other sport drinks used in the industry.


Sqwincher is now also available in new Sqwincher Lite, formulated in between regular Sqwincher and Sqwincher ZERO with only 40 calories. Naturally-sweetened and naturally-flavored, Sqwincher Lite maintains the great taste you expect along with Sqwincher’s standard – lower sodium and more potassium.  


A variety of powder and liquid concentrate dispensing options are available in all your favorite flavors! Simply call customer service at 1-800-548-GARD (4273) or order online on, or use the easy order form on back of the flyer here and be sure to mention the FREE Cooler/Squeeze Bottles promotion to take advantage of this great offer while it lasts!

Terms and conditions apply. Limit 1 free cooler and 2 free squeeze bottles per order, while supplies last, through September 30, 2016. Freight: FOB Northbrook, IL. Minimum order $50.00. Free cooler and squeeze bottles promotion is not valid for resale customers.

Take Your Protective Apparel Decision Making On-The-Go with DuPont SafeSPEC Mobile

DuPont SafeSPEC Mobile features exclusive dynamic interactive tools, product images, technical data, product features and benefits – all on your mobile device, so you’ll have instant access wherever you are.

Features & Benefits:

  • Valuable Information – Gain access to a wealth of easy-to-read content, and learn about the current DuPont protective garment portfolio, including Tyvek®, Tychem® and ProShield®
  • Interactive Tools – Dynamic tools identify specific hazard scenarios, yielding results that best match the environments where the products will be used
  • Ease of Use – SafeSPEC Mobile automatically fills in complex chemical names as they are entered, locating your results quickly and efficiently
  • Automatic Updates – Mobile app updates easily with an online connection, so you can be prepared for protective apparel selection on the job site

And when you are ready to purchase, call customer service at 1-800-548-GARD (4273) or visit

 Vendor Product Spotlight: Honeywell Uvex Turboshield S9500 Black Ratchet Headgear

S9500 Features & Benefits:

  • Flexible head-cushioning suspension cradle for all-day wear
  • Simple push-button release system allows easy visor exchange
  • Large control knobs are ergonomically designed for easy adjustment, even while wearing gloves
  • Visor slides back 7", improving balance and weight distribution
  • Dual-hinge design increases clearance by as much as 4" and keeps accessory slots open for other PPE
  • Headgear features breathable, removable, washable headband
  • Toric lens provides excellent optics, increased field of view and added chin coverage without bulky attachments
  • Ergonomic ratcheting headgear mechanism assures quick, easy adjustment
  • Hard hat adapter is compatible with multiple hard hats, including Fibre-Metal®, North® and most major competitor styles
  • Positive-locking hinge secures visor in raised and lowered positions; leaves accessory slots free for additional protective equipment
  • Design centers visor when in raised position for greater balance and overhead clearance
  • Integrated brim guard ensures gap-free fit and protection from overhead debris
  • Replacement visors available in clear, green, gray, shade 3.0 and shade 5.0 
  • Clear, green and gray lenses available with dual anti-scratch/anti-fog coating
  • Ideal for workers exposed to falling or flying objects, impact, splash, and airborne debris
  • Can be worn with most goggles, respirators and earmuffs
  • Sold individually

Additional lens and coating options are available. Click here to view more Uvex Turboshield styles online, and please call customer service at 1-800-548-4273 (GARD) for more information.

  Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. Celebrates 80th Anniversary Milestone

2016 marks the 80th anniversary for Saf-T-Gard International, Inc., a family‑owned and operated global supplier of industrial safety products now in its 4th generation of ownership. Since its establishment in 1936, Saf-T-Gard has enabled on-the-job safety, compliance and peace of mind for hundreds of thousands of workers and their families by delivering superior safety products and solutions that protect against work-related hazards and prevent serious injuries.

Saf-T-Gard has grown significantly since its humble, two-person factory loft beginnings. Founded as Latex Glove Manufacturing Company by Leo and Lillian Rivkin, the company began its operations in Chicago when the Rivkins acquired equipment from a balloon company and used it to produce waterproof, rubber-coated cotton gloves. They purchased cotton gloves, dipped them in the latex rubber tanks, let them dry overnight, and sold them the next day. In the 1940s, as Chicago manufacturers geared up to support the American war efforts, Latex Glove Company expanded its product offering as a full-line industrial glove distributor.

The focus on occupational safety and health in the 1960s and 1970s lead to an increased emphasis on providing a full line of personal protective equipment. As such, Latex Glove Company began supplementing its legacy of hand protection with industrial safety products from global suppliers, including protective eyewear, respirators, hard hats, protective clothing and footwear, and first aid kits and supplies to meet OSHA’s requirements. In 1979, Latex Glove Company purchased a larger industrial building in Northbrook, Illinois, to position the company for further growth and better customer service.  

In the early 1980s, the Voltgard® project was launched as a small test lab with the mission to develop the electrical testing and utility industry business by providing the testing of rubber insulating products to complement the sales of new products. Saf-T-Gard’s Voltgard Test Lab has grown to be the largest, independent, NAIL4PET‑accredited test lab for rubber insulating products in the United States and offers complete retesting and certification of rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hose, covers, dielectric footwear, jumper cables, grounding sets, plastic guards, hot sticks, matting, hoods and hand tools – all to applicable standards. Moreover, the Voltgard Test Lab developed the Original Rubber Goods Change-Out Program® – the industry’s first managed rubber goods change-out program designed to minimize out-of-service time and save money by offering customers complete solutions from start to finish. No other test lab offers the Voltgard level of service. Having experienced significant business growth, Saf-T-Gard moved to its current location on Huehl Road in 1986. The new building was nearly double in size with plenty of room for even greater expansion.

By 1989, the company's direction as a full-line, quality-oriented supplier of safety products was clear, and therefore, Latex Glove Company changed its name to Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. to reflect its dedication to a complete line of worker safety products and personal protective equipment. Today, Saf-T-Gard offers tens of thousands of products spanning the full range of personal protective equipment and facility safety from the world’s leading manufacturers in addition to Saf‑T‑Gard’s exclusive brands. Saf-T-Gard serves customers in all 50 states and in more than 50 countries around the world. The company has received numerous awards, including Illinois Family Business of the Year, United States Department of Commerce President’s “E” Award for Export Excellence, Safety Marketing Group’s (SMG) Gold Star Distributor Award, and SMG’s Peak Performance Distributor Award. Saf-T-Gard is an active member of the National Safety Council (NSC), the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) Worker Safety Committee, the North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing (NAIL4PET), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and the Safety Marketing Group (SMG).

“Saf-T-Gard is 80 years strong, and our solid history is a testament to our dedication, commitment and stability as a company,” said Richard Rivkin, President and CEO, Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. “Saf-T-Gard and its Voltgard division remain steadfast in providing our customers with solutions to their needs for industrial products and personal protective equipment. We deliver the finest, world-class quality products, appropriate and suitable for the purposes intended, that provide value, safety and security now and in the future. As a major global manufacturer, distributor, importer and exporter, we are uniquely capable and committed to quality, value and service excellence.”

Do You Know What's Coming around the Corner at Your Facility?

When it comes to your facility, what you can't see can hurt you! Prevent the pedestrian and forklift collisions that can cause costly injuries and damages by protecting your employees with mirrored domes.

Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. offers a variety of Se-Kure Convex Mirrors and Mirrored Domes to accommodate every application or environment. Moreover, preventing just one collision pays for the cost of the safety mirror. Add to that the number of intersections your employees encounter on a daily basis thereby increasing the chances of accidents, and you will definitely see the positive return on investment!

Se-Kure 360° Full-Mirrored Domes Features and Benefits:

  • Most versatile product for intersections in warehouse and industrial applications
  • Provide bright, distortion-free views of movement from all directions at blind corners, three-way and four-way intersections
  • Shatter-resistant acrylic construction will not deteriorate, discolor or lose plating
  • Delivers a 1 foot to each inch of the diameter of the dome viewing distance ratio
  • Available in 18", 26", 32", 36" or 48" sizes
  • 18" and 26" models are ideal for offices and stores, while the 32", 36" and 48" models are recommended for use in warehouses and production facilities
  • 360° Full-Mirrored Domes are suspended with a 3-point chain set, which is included with each unit
  • Sold individually

Se-Kure-View Indoor/Outdoor Convex Mirrors Features and Benefits:

  • Provide the first line of defense against theft
  • 20% brighter than glass mirrors – eliminates blind spots, increases aisle visibility and provides less distortion
  • Lightweight, fade-proof and unbreakable construction with top-quality silvering and near-perfect convexing which affords the widest angle of vision
  •  Can be positioned to reflect a hidden area to a forklift operator, directed to allow equipment operators to view co-workers approaching from behind or used in offices to view hallways or reception areas for visitors or moving traffic
  • Indoor mirrors are perfect for use in plant safety, reception areas and industrial applications
  • Outdoor mirrors have weather proofing to protect against the elements and are excellent for parking garages
  • Available in 12", 18", 26", 36" and 48" sizes (the 12" convex mirror is not available in the outdoor model)
  • Sold individually

Several additional mirror styles are also available! Click here for more information, and call customer service at 1-800-548-4273 (GARD) for a custom price quote or to place an order and see for yourself how Saf-T-Gard mirrors your facility's safety back to you in repeated savings!


Saf-T-Gard Catalog

The time for better safety is now!

Click here to request a FREE copy of our Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. full-line catalog today, and learn how to better GARD yourself with Saf-T-Gard. 

more than 3,900 different line items from more than 100 different brands and 14 different product categories, this catalog is an excellent resource and provides a wealth of information to keep you safe and productive for even the most rigorous applications!

Stop by Our Booth at Any of These Trade Shows and Enter to Win FREE Safety Goods!  


IUOTA/IUSTA Meeting - August 17-18, 2016, Grove Hotel - Boise, ID

Chicagoland Safety, Health & Environmental Conference - September 21, 2016, Northern Illinois University (Naperville Campus) - Naperville, IL, Booth # TBD 

International Lineman's Rodeo & Expo - October 13-14, 2016, Overland Park Convention Center, Overland Park, KS, Booth # 100A & 100B 

Closeout Corner - Don't Miss These Awesome Deals


Saf-T-Gard is making it easier than ever to save big on your favorite safety items with the “Closeout Corner” featured monthly in the Saf-T-Gardian newsletter.


Click here to view the dramatically-reduced pricing on all of your must-have items to take advantage of this limited-time pricing and inventory.


Be sure to check back next month for even more products and savings!


NIOSH's Engineering Controls Database Can Help Employers Reduce the Risk of Workplace Illnesses and Injuries


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's new Engineering Controls Database provides information on effective engineering controls that can protect workers by eliminating or reducing hazardous conditions. It is based on a hierarchy of controls ranked in order of effectiveness. Well-designed engineering controls can be highly effective in protecting workers and frequently lower operating costs over the longer term. The database can be searched by occupation or work process to find a solution that may work to control the exposure in your workplace.


OSHA Wants to Hear How Employers Are Keeping Workers Safe from the Heat  


In recent weeks, millions of American workers have been exposed to extreme temperatures across the country. During a heat wave, employers should plan additional precautions to reduce the risks of heat exposure. Those steps include gradually exposing workers to hot environments, providing frequent water breaks, allowing ample time to rest, and providing shade.


As previously reported in QuickTakes, on June 27 OSHA Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels hosted a conference call featuring several employers and employer groups that are making noteworthy efforts to protect workers. These efforts include holding heat-safety stand-downs, and providing additional protections such as cooling vests and shade canopies.


OSHA wants to hear how employers and safety professionals are keeping workers safe from extreme heat. Post your photos to Twitter using #WaterRestShade or email stories to for possible inclusion in a future issue of QuickTakes.

Safety Tips  

1. HEADS UP SAFETY - Keep cool under your safety cap with sweatbands, cooling pads and cooling bandana caps that can be worn under protective headgear

2. HEADS UP SAFETY - Our safety caps and full-brim safety hats include universal accessory slots for attaching earmuffs and faceshields

3. HEADS UP SAFETY - Protective headgear can be ordered in a wide variety of stock colors for such applications as matching company colors, identifying departments, or identifying supervisors

4. HEADS UP SAFETY - Adding your company logo and/or safety slogans to safety caps and hats are low-cost options that can promote corporate identify

5. HEADS UP SAFETY - And don't forget about cool, comfortable disposable hairnets and bouffant caps for food preparation, food service and controlled environment workers





Question - "What are the applicable OSHA regulations regarding employees being required to work in extreme heat?"

Answer - OSHA does not have a specific regulation regarding heat stress. However, feasible and acceptable methods can be used to reduce heat stress hazards in workplaces. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Permitting workers to drink water at liberty;
  2. Establishing provisions for a work/rest regimen so that exposure time to high temperatures and/or the work rate is decreased;
  3. Developing a heat stress program which incorporates the following:
    1. A training program informing employees about the effects of heat stress, and how to recognize heat-related illness symptoms and prevent heat-induced illnesses;
    2. A screening program to identify health conditions aggravated by elevated environmental temperatures;
    3. An acclimation program for new employees or employees returning to work from absences of three or more days;
    4. Specific procedures to be followed for heat-related emergency situations;
    5. Provisions that first aid be administered immediately to employees displaying symptoms of heat-related illness

Although OSHA does not have a specific regulation covering heat stress hazards, the "General Duty Clause," Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (the Act), requires each employer to, "furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm." OSHA has previously used the General Duty Clause to cite employers that have allowed employees to be exposed to potential serious physical harm from excessively hot work environments.

Saf-T-Gard Spotlight  


Tim Olson is a Senior Safety Products Specialist and has been with Saf-T-Gard more than 10 years, but has more than 30 years of safety industry experience.

 What Tim likes about Saf-T-Gard:

"The people and the blending of personalities to form a good team."

What makes Tim's day:

"Knowing that I can provide my customers with their safety programs, a quality product at a fair price or with technical information."

Tim's outside interests are:

"Working out to stay in shape, gardening, and my kids' activities."



An employee is to perform work inside an electrical panel. The electrical disconnect is open and has been properly locked out. The electrical circuitry below the disconnect has been confirmed to be in a zero energy state by a qualified person using test equipment. Does the employee need to wear full flame-resistant (FR) clothing, head and face protection and rubber insulating gloves when working on a panel that has been completely de-energized, either disconnecting and locking out the panel itself or by disconnecting and locking out a panel upstream from the panel where the work is being performed?

No. If there are no exposed energized electrical components after a person has locked and tagged out the disconnect, and verified de-energization, per the requirements of §1910.333(b)(2), then there would be no potential for electric shock or arc flash. The protective equipment mentioned would not be required. This answer pertains only to exposure to de-energized parts and not to employee exposure to any circuit parts that have not been de-energized. However, personal protective equipment may be required by another condition independent of electrical hazards. For example, if an employee is working in the panel box and using a drill or saw that is creating flying particles, or if the employee is using a chemical that presents a splash hazard to the eyes, the eye and/or face protection may be required. 

As I See It  


It is August 2016. We just celebrated 80 years in the safety products industry. That’s 80 years of being dedicated to nothing less than a focused commitment to supply the products and services that bring workers home safely. That’s 80 years of continuous family ownership and hands-on management. That’s 80 years of growth from a small, loft factory in Chicago making and selling rubber-coated work gloves in the local market to a global supplier of personal protective equipment and industrial safety products. And 80 years of the compliance-mandated and compliance-related impact on hazard identification, awareness and the development and implementation of customer-focused programs aimed at improving worker safety in a professional and cost-effective manner. And over those 80 years, our supplier partners have ranged from small specialty manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies, yet we have never minimized the value of those relationships and how they transcend mere transactions. And relationships extend to our customer network as well, with many customers who have depended on us for decades to supply the products and services that keep their workers safe. Furthermore, we have non-family members of the Saf-T-Gard team who have been with us for more than 10, 20, 30 years – and that is testimony to our values as well. Sure, we’re being just a little boastful because we are all so proud of the history that we all share - ownership, management, team associates, supplier partners, and customers. Thank you for being part of our history and our future. We are Saf-T-Gard - passionate about industrial safety for 4 generations.

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