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For more than 25 years, the Voltgard division of Saf-T-Gard has earned a reputation for superior safety products and services for the electrical utilities, telecommunications and electrical contractor markets.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of rubber insulating products, arc flash safety clothing and kits, grounding equipment and testing services, Voltgard is dedicated to serving industries where worker safety and protection from electrical current are critically important.


Voltgard started as a small test lab in 1983, supplying testing of gloves and blankets for Wisconsin Bell. Over the last 25 years, we have grown to become the largest independent testing facility in the US, with customers including electric utilities, electrical contractors, telephone and telecommunications companies, cable television operators and industrial facilities.

The Voltgard Test Labs are the off-site lab for numerous utilities, telecom companies, contractors, municipalities and industrial facilities nationwide. OSHA workplace rules make the use of rubber insulating equipment mandatory, even when the smallest potential of contact with low or high voltage exists. These rubber goods must be periodically tested to ensure the products maintain their integrity when exposed to a full range of voltages.

We offer full service testing and re-certification of rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hose, hot sticks, hoods and jumper cables. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the complete testing of these products, including washing, visual inspecting and electrical testing. All rubber protective equipment tested by the Voltgard Test Labs undergoes this rigorous sequence to ensure that your employees are always using safe equipment.


Arc Flash Protective Equipment

Arc Flash Protective Equipment
Clothing includes face shields, headgear, jackets, overalls, coveralls and rain suits. Equipment includes arc supression blankets, insulated rescue hooks, static discharge sticks and voltage detectors.
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Rubber Insulating Products

Rubber Insulating Products
Safety products include gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hoses and related cover-up products.
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Insulated Tools

Insulated Tools
Comply with IEC900 and exceed ASTM F1505-01 Sandards for insulated hand tools. Meet OSHA and NFPA 70E Requirements. Feature impact resistant, flame retardant two-color insulating material.
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Accessories for Live Line Workers

Accessories for Live Line Workers
Accessories include fabric glove liners, carrying bags for arc safety equipment, dielectric footwear, leather work gloves, linemen's tools and glove talc.
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Dielectric Testing and Inspection Service

Dielectric Testing and Inspection Service
The Voltgard Test Lab provides testing of rubber insulating products as well as cleaning and replacement services.
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OSHA Regulations
1910.137 - Electrical Protective Devices - General Industry Standards
...1910.137(b)(2)(viii): Electrical protective equipment shall be subjected to periodic electrical tests ... in accordance with … Table I-6 [which requires that rubber insulating gloves be inspected and tested before first issue and every 6 months thereafter.

1910.268 - Electrical Protective Devices - Telecommunications
...1910.268(f)(5): The employer is responsible for the periodic retesting of all insulating gloves, blankets, and other rubber insulating equipment. This retesting shall be electrical, visual and mechanical. The following maximum retesting intervals shall apply: Gloves, blankets, and other rubber insulating equipment … [of] Natural rubber … [if] New 12 months … [if] Re-issued 9 months.




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