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Honeywell Salisbury 2461 Air Gap® Pole Guards
Item #: 2461
Vendor SKU: 2461-ES

Honeywell Salisbury 2461 Air Gap® Pole Guards

Class 4, Type I, 12" x 1"
  • Air Gap® Pole Guards are installed before setting new poles to guard against accidental line contact
  • They also guard against pole contacts by personnel working in insulating aerial buckets or on platforms Pole Guards are made from an orange, Type I ABS, cold-weather, high-impact thermoplastic material and feature the unique Air Gap design
  • Uniformly spaced dimples minimize the amount of surface area contacting the pole
  • This provides added insulation to keep electrical leakage to a minimum
  • When two pole guards are used to cover longer lengths, the dimples nest together “locking” the two together with ample overlap
  • This design also allows for air flow between it and the pole minimizing moisture condensation and contamination buildup
  • Pole Guards should be used for brush contact
  • The opening should face away from possible line contacts, whenever possible
  • Pole Guards should be stored indoors to avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays and can be cleaned with a warm detergent solution
  • All Pole Guards are manufactured to ASTM F958 specification and tested to ASTM F712 specification


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