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Honeywell Salisbury E-011BLO/10H Rubber Insulating Gloves
Item #: E-011BLO/10H
Vendor SKU: E011BLO/10H

Honeywell Salisbury E-011BLO/10H Rubber Insulating Gloves

Orange/Blue Color, 11" Length, Class 0, Low-Voltage, Type II SALCOR® Rubber, Maximum Working Voltage 1000V AC (Tested at 5000V AC), Reinforced Rolled Cuff, Size 10 1/2
  • Salisbury Rubber Insulating Gloves have long been the world standard for dielectric hand protection
  • Salisbury Gloves are manufactured by a multiple-dip process to achieve the required thickness for the specified level of protection
  • Type II SALCOR® rubber gloves are ozone-resistant and extremely flexible to make working with small parts easy
  • Contrasting color inside is a safety indicator of wear or damage to the outer surface of the rubber
  • Steam cured for maximum strength and durability
  • Curved hand and finger shape for comfort, dexterity, and flexibility
  • Manufactured and tested in full compliance with ASTM D120 standard as required by OSHA when working on or near energized equipment
  • Complies with NFPA 70E requirements for working near arc flash hazards
  • Also ideal for industrial plant maintenance and servicing hybrid and electric vehicles


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