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3M™ 6006 Multi-Gas/Vapor Cartridge
Item #: 6006
Vendor SKU: 6006

3M™ 6006 Multi-Gas/Vapor Cartridge

Olive Color, Protects against Organic Vapor, Ammonia, Methylamine, Formaldehyde, and Acid Gas (Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Fluoride, and Chlorine Dioxide)
  • NIOSH approved against certain organic vapors, acid gases: Chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen sulfide; ammonia, methylamine or formaldehyde
  • Use with 3M™ Facepieces 6000 Series, or 3M™ Facepieces 7000 Series with bayonet filter holders and 3M™ Rugged Comfort 6500 Series
  • When properly fitted, use in a variety of applications such as grinding, sanding and welding for concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) with half facepieces or 50 times PEL with full facepieces
  • Full facepieces must be quantitatively fit tested to claim assigned protection factor above 10 in negative pressure mode
  • Do not use in environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)


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