Emergency Storm Response

Emergency Storm Response, Support & Recovery Services

Weather can be a fierce and unpredictable foe sometimes. Hurricanes, floods, blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes and earthquakes oftentimes strike fast and without warning, leaving regions without power for an extended period of time depending on how quickly lineman crews can be deployed.

Rest assured that when disasters strike, Voltgard® is prepared and available to provide immediate response in supplying the electrical safety needs of your work crew - no matter how big or small - to help ensure a safer and faster recovery for everyone. The safety of your employees is our highest priority. As such, Voltgard offers a 24/7 storm response hotline for the emergency shipments of rubber insulating products and safety equipment including PPE. Additionally, Voltgard has one of the largest new rubber goods inventories in the world, available and ready to ship or pickup in a matter of hours. Our centrally located Chicago area location is minutes away from both FedEx and UPS centers and 30 minutes away from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Moreover, Voltgard can also assist you in your pre-event storm planning by supplying the necessary safety equipment in advance, thereby saving you time and money by enabling a more proactive response in times of critical emergencies.

Whatever Mother Nature throws our way, Voltgard is committed to weathering the storm together by providing unwavering support that lasts before, during and after any natural disaster.