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Protective Clothing

Whether you need flame-resistance, visibility in low-light conditions, protection from the rain, cold, chemicals or cuts and abrasions, or you just need to keep clean from dust and particulates, you can rely on Saf-T-Gard for a complete line of protective clothing for your workers. Whatever the hazard, Saf-T-Gard and our global supply partners have the right product to keep your workers safe. From coveralls, pants, shirts, smocks, lab coats and encapsulated suits to jackets, t-shirts, vests, sweatshirts, parkas and bomber jackets, Saf-T-Gard’s protective clothing has got you covered! Choose from disposable clothing, chemical protection clothing, Hazmat clothing, aprons, beard nets and hair nets, boots and shoe covers, sleeves, arc flash and electrical protection clothing and kits, flame-resistant clothing, metal mesh clothing, rainwear, Hi-Viz clothing and cold temp clothing. There’s a style for every work occasion!

Safety Partners