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Electrical Testing Services

Electrical Testing Services

Electrical protective equipment is not safe unless it is inspected and tested regularly as required by OSHA, ASTM standards and NFPA 70E. Saf-T-Gard’s Voltgard® Test Lab provides full dielectric testing services for users of rubber insulating products in every industry, including electric utilities, contractors, telecom, municipalities, first responders, and industrial facilities. Fully accredited by NAIL4PET (North American Independent Laboratories for Protective Equipment Testing), the Voltgard Test Lab is equipped to clean, inspect, and perform dielectric testing of rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hose, covers, dielectric footwear, jumper cables, grounding sets, plastic guards, hot sticks, matting, hoods and hand tools. Replacements are available for any failed products to ensure that your workers have the protective equipment that they need. Inventory management and scheduled change-out programs are also available.

All inspection and testing conducted by the Voltgard Test Lab are performed in strict accordance with applicable ASTM specifications. The Voltgard Test Lab is accredited by NAIL4PET to test the products below to the applicable ASTM standards:

  • Insulating Gloves ASTM D120, F496, F1236
  • Insulating Sleeves ASTM D1051, F496, F1236
  • Insulating Blankets ASTM D1048, F479, F1236
  • Insulating Line Hose ASTM D1050, F478, F1236
  • Insulating Covers ASTM D1049, F478, F1236
  • Dielectric Overshoe Footwear ASTM F1116, F1117
  • Insulating By-Pass Jumpers ASTM F2321, F2249
  • Portable Grounding Jumpers ASTM F2249, F855
  • Hot Sticks and Live Line Tools ASTM F711, IEEE 978, F1825, F1826
  • Insulating Plastic Guards ASTM F712
  • Insulating Hand Tools ASTM F1505
  • Rubber Insulating Matting ASTM D178

According to ASTM specifications, at a minimum, the inspection and testing of rubber insulating products includes check-in, removing previous testing marking, washing using cleaning agents that will not degrade the insulating properties, visual inspection of all surfaces (inside and out), electrical testing, final inspection, recordkeeping, marking, and packing in appropriate containers for storage or shipment. “Appropriate containers” means boxes, or similar sturdy packaging materials to prevent folding, creasing, or similar loose storage that can cause stress on the rubber.

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