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AEMC 275HVD High Voltage Detector

AEMC 275HVD High Voltage Detector

Item #: 275HVD
Cordless, Non-Contact with 240 V to 275 kV Range and Manual Self-Test
AEMC Instruments
  • Designed to detect the presence of high voltage without physical contact
  • Eight-position rotary switch selects detection range
  • As the sensor is moved closer to voltage carrying conductor, its sensor head picks up the radiated electric field
  • Once threshold is reached, the buzzer sounds and a bright red warning light warns operator of live conductors
  • Powered by 3 standard Alkaline C cell batteries and can be used both in- and out-of-doors
  • A universal spline on the back-end facilitates attachment to any standard hotstick
  • Self-test position ensures that all sensor circuitry and annunciators are working properly before use
  • Detector features a wide range of detection from 80 V to 275 kV
  • It is lightweight, minimizing sway at the end of long hotsticks and has both audible and visual indication of live voltage
  • Self-test position ensures that all system functions and indicators are working properly
  • Detector is designed for use with hotsticks incorporating a shotgun adapter
  • Shotgun adapter and batteries included