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Bierer Meters PD25 Digital Phasing Meter

Bierer Meters PD25 Digital Phasing Meter

Item #: PD25
Corded, 0-25 kV Kit with 8' Std, 8' Ext, 3 kV Power Supply in A Foam-Padded Box
Bierer Meters
  • Features large (3/4") LCD digital meter with backlight, multiple ranges 2 kV, 20 kV, 25/50 kV, completely shielded housing for meter and second probes, completely shielded interconnect cable (insulated 35 kV to ground) and supports interconnect cable lengths up to 100'
  • All-in-one phasing voltmeter with numerous applications, including capacitive test point phasing meter, regulator neutral detector and phasing or measuring secondary voltages, replacing 600 V voltmeters
  • Most accurate high voltage meter available, with accuracy to +/- 1%
  • Probes are impact and water-resistant designed to withstand wear
  • Probes are stored in a highly durable padded carrying case
  • Measures true RMS voltages, DC and multiple frequency AC up to 400 Hz
  • Can be used as conventional phasing voltmeter for overhead and URD (underground residential distribution) systems from 0-50 kV phase to phase
  • Patented technology ensures the best performance