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Chicago Protective Apparel 605GR/L Flame-Resistant Coverall

Chicago Protective Apparel 605GR/L Flame-Resistant Coverall

Item #: 605GR/L
Green Color, 100% Cotton Material Treated with Flame-Retardant PROBAN®, Size Large
Chicago Protective Apparel
  • Made from a 9 oz. 100% cotton twill fabric is treated with flame-retardant PROBAN® and cured with ammonia
  • If ignited, PROBAN will self-extinguish when the source of ignition is removed
  • Flame-resistant clothing is most effective when worn as the outer layer, but is designed to be worn under aluminized clothing when exposure to high heat or molten splash is possible
  • Flame-resistant green cotton clothing is used in most areas involving ferrous metals such as foundries, flame cutting, and welding
  • PROBAN/FR-7A® 100% cotton fabrics by Westex® are guaranteed to retain their flame resistance for up to 25 industrial or 50 home launderings