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There are several regulatory standards that necessitate the use and testing or replacement of in-service rubber insulating equipment to protect workers from electrical hazards. OSHA workplace rules make the use of rubber insulating equipment mandatory, even when the smallest potential of contact (with 50 volts AC or higher) exists. These rubber goods must be periodically tested to ensure the products maintain their integrity when exposed to a full range of voltages. Regardless of the heavy fines, serious injuries and deaths that occur from electrical incidents, compliance continues to remain an issue. What's even more shocking is that many workers are not using rubber insulating equipment because they simply don't know they need it.

The reality is that EVERY SINGLE FACILITY HAS A NEED FOR ELECTRICAL SAFETY - whether the company is a larger facility with building engineers overseeing distribution, or a smaller facility with maintenance staff working around floor or wall sockets. There are quite a large number of possible end users. As such, awareness is paramount. Not only about the requirements for use, but also about the requirements for in-service use, inspection and testing of electrical protective equipment. Let the Voltgard® electrical safety experts show you how we can keep you safe and compliant!

Request your FREE Voltgard® brochure today to learn more about the greater need for electrical safety in the industrial workplace, the standards for compliance, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers about the in-service testing process for rubber insulating products, the importance of testing your rubber insulating PPE according to application, and how Voltgard® is uniquely qualified to deliver on ALL of your safety needs. Whether it's our Voltgard® Test Lab Dielectric Testing and Inspection Services (including DC testing capabilities), The Original Rubber Goods Change-Out Program®, Emergency Storm Response, Support and Recovery Services, Fiberglass Tool Restoration Services or vast product selection spanning a full range of PPE as well as environmental safety, facility safety, first aid, public safety and electrical safety, Voltgard® is dedicated to serving industries where worker safety and protection from electrical current are critically important. The Voltgard® division of Saf-T-Gard International, Inc. has been bringing our electrical utility, electrical contractor, telecom, municipality and industrial facility customers home safely for more than 35 years, and we can do the same for you!