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What to Consider When Choosing High-Visibility Multi-Season Workwear

  • Jun 14, 2023, 12:03 AM
  • by Jim Huebner, Protective Industrial Products (PIP) Marketing Channel Manager

Winter and Spring can be a hazardous time of year for people who work outdoors. That's why companies must train their employees on how to stay safe while also providing them with the proper protective equipment like high-visibility multi-season workwear.

With so many options on the market today, finding the best high-visibility multi-season workwear is challenging. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be if you know the most critical factors influencing user satisfaction. Here are a few key elements to consider before making your next workwear purchase.

Safety, Durability, and Functionality

Safety, durability, and functionality are top priorities for most companies when choosing high-visibility workwear for their employees. However, not every workwear option on the market can provide all three of these essential criteria. Here are a few of the critical features to consider.


Construction worker wearing Hi-Viz SafetyPlacement of reflective tape: Pay close attention to the amount and placement of reflective tape on the garment when choosing high-visibility workwear. As workers crouch or move into different positions, that reflective tape may be obstructed, meaning the worker is less visible to people and equipment.

UPF Protection: While getting sunburnt during winter or spring might not be the first risk that pops into our head, it is a hazard. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) fabric helps protect users by blocking the dangerous UV rays produced by sunlight. A UPF rating of 30 indicates the fabric of a garment will allow 1/30th (roughly 3 percent) of available UV radiation to pass through it. A garment rated UPF 50 permits only 1/50th (roughly 2 percent) UV transmission. Any fabric that allows less than 2 percent UV transmission is labeled UPF 50+.

Waterproof Ratings: Wet garments contribute to heat loss, which can be extremely dangerous for workers in cold climates. Finding work wear with a high waterproof rating means workers are better protected from the elements and can stay warm for longer.


Quality of material: Will the material withstand the environment and the wear and tear your employees are likely to put it through? While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest options, you should always look towards quality first because replacement costs can often outweigh the initial investment in higher-quality gear.

Double Stitching on tape or stress points: Long shifts and constant movement means that workwear will likely take a beating. Workwear with double stitching on high-stress points is more durable to last longer.


Zippers or Covers on Pockets: Uncovered pockets can fill with water or snow, making the interior of a jacket wet and contributing to heat loss. Covers and zippers prevent that while helping avoid objects dropping out of pockets and hurting people or property below.


Group of construction workers pointing and wearing Hi-Viz yellow safety vestsThe people purchasing high-visibility workwear and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are often not the ones who will be using it. As a result, the buyers usually look towards price as a deciding factor and forget another critical consideration, comfort. After all, PPE can't protect workers if they refuse to wear it, and if it is uncomfortable, voluntary compliance is much more challenging.

That's why choosing garments that provide safety, durability, and functionality without sacrificing comfort is so important. Here are several features to look for that will ensure your workers are protected and comfortable:

Breathability: Employees performing demanding work, even in cold weather, will likely overheat from time to time. However, if workers remove their workwear to cool off, they are no longer protected by the safety features of the garment and are exposed to the elements. That's why having breathable multi-seasonal workwear is so important because it also works to stay warm, but not get too hot.

Segmented tape allowing it to stretch: Workwear that is too stiff and rigid is uncomfortable and can prevent workers from moving freely or getting into certain positions their job or tasks may demand. Workwear that has stretch built into it allows for a better range of movements, which ultimately means workers are more comfortable and ultimately more productive.

Fleece-lined pockets: These pockets provide workers with a warm place to put their hands to warm them up from time to time. Fleece also makes inserting and removing easier.

Weight of garments: The physical demands of many jobs are enough; you don't want to weigh workers down unnecessarily with heavy workwear if you don't have to. Reduce the fatigue and stress on workers by giving them the lightest weight winter workwear possible that still provides the level of protection necessary.

Good Fit. Good Feel. Good Work.

Worker at heights wearing Hi-Viz orange workwear, fall protection and hard hatThe look and feel of personal protective equipment, like high-visibility multi-season workwear, has become more critical than ever. Today's workers want to look and feel just as good at home, and companies that want to increase their chances of employees complying with PPE requirements must consider that when choosing how to outfit their crews.

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